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The following categories / headings are developing:

               Attorneys                 Insurance
               Auto Dealers              Jewelry
               Auto Renting              Motels
               Auto Repair               Oil - Heating Fuel
               Banks                     Opticians
               Barbers                   Pharmacies
               Beauty Salons             Photographers
               Chiropractic              Physicians   
               Clothing                  Pizza
               Clubs                     Printers   
               Contractors               Real Estate
               Dentists                  Restaurants
               Florists                  Towing
               Furniture                 Transportation Services
               Gas Stations              Travel Agencies
               Hotels                    Video Tapes / Disc Rentals

Here's a sample of how your listing may appear on a featured 'state' page ...

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Betsy Viger, Indpndnt Rep 41 Sherman Avenue        Meriden    (203) 235-0528

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We're listed on the <A HREF="http://www.digitalyellowpages.com">
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When you finish with the script and rerun the page, it will look like this:

We're listed on the Digital Yellow Pages

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Meriden, CT post sign
Meriden, Connecticut

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